Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

The use of myle pods constantly may affect it and something may go wrong inside causing it to taste burnt and when this happens it may affect you, it may feel horrible when you try to inhale the smoke and may affect your chest or throat and make your throat feel really itchy and make you very uncomfortable,  and that discomfort might lead to you throwing up and making you sick if you continue with the use of that vaping device, so once you start feeling that burned aftertaste in your vaping device the right thing to do is address the issue immediately. There can be a number of deductions why your vaping device is feeling burnt and these could be;

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt Atomizer Coil - xtrasize

Dried Out Atomizer Coil Wick

Your vaping device probably tastes roasted because the atomizer coil inside of it has dehydrated, the work of this wick is to help in the absorption of the e-juice substance and turns it into vapor, in order for your vape to work properly the wick have to the adequate quantity of e-liquid saturated on it, if the e-juice substance isn’t enough then you could get that scorched taste in your mouth and sometimes it comes with small particles of the dried out wick.


How Long Should The Atomizer Coil be Used?

If you utilize your vape normally and regularly then your loop should be able to persist to work for about a month before you would need to change it or before you start feeling that charred taste repeatedly, but if you are a constant user of your vape and you vape heavily then it would be advisable for you to switch your coil every one or two weeks to avoid that repulsive scorched feeling.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt Coil - xtrasize

Other Causes

Another reason why your vape could be perceiving smoked is chain-smoking, this is when you take lengthy puffs from your vape without taking any pause within, the atomizer coil wick needs to cover the e-liquid juice properly before you can smoke it and if they are constantly exerting puffs without allowing the wick to steep the e-liquid then you are making it dry out faster and burn which would lead to the charred taste in your mouth.


In Conclusion

These are the deductions why your vaping device could perceive bad and give a charred aftertaste feeling in your mouth, always ensure to take action and do something whenever you feel this taste from you vape in order to avoid anything happening to your health.

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