A Simple Guide to Eating Sushi for Beginners

A Simple Guide to Eating Sushi for Beginners

Eating sushi for the first time can be exciting and challenging at the same time. People either love sushi or they cannot stand it. Trying it for the first time means discovering which of the two you fall under. The most important thing you need to know is there is no formula when eating sushi, there is no wrong way. It’s okay to do what you are comfortable with, after all, you’re spending your money! However, it does not hurt to read up on what to expect your first time to be like and look up some sushi etiquette. Here is how to expect your first visit to a Japanese restaurant Dubai.

The Ambience

Although every sushi place is different, there are a few similarities. Since the essence of the restaurant is to sell sushi, you will likely be given chopsticks and soy sauce. When it comes to the food, your plate will come with sushi rolls, ginger, and some wasabi. Although you are given chopsticks, it is not compulsory to use them. Nobody is going to look down on you if you decide to use your hands or a fork, anything is fine! You may also get some appetizers and your choice of drink.

Maximizing on The Flavor

There is a reason your sushi comes with ginger and wasabi. The flavors are meant to balance perfectly on your palate for the full sushi experience. Most people like to mix the soy sauce with the wasabi. The best way to eat sushi is by dipping it in soy sauce then thoroughly chewing it so the flavor fills your mouth. While chewing, also take a sip of sake to maximize o the taste. Eat the ginger in between rolls or bites to help clean your mouth of the sushi taste. Do this until you clear your plate.

Hands or Chopsticks?

Although it’s more common to use chopsticks when eating sushi, using hands is okay too. Chopsticks help keep your hands clean and give you a more sushi-like feeling since everyone is doing it, but they are not compulsory. Hands can be used to help appreciate the feel and taste of sushi at the same time. The most important thing is to do what you are most comfortable with. Chopsticks can be challenging to use and take away the enjoyment of your meal.

In Conclusion

It is important to make sure you enjoy your first sushi experience. You can communicate with the restaurant staff and let them know it’s your first time so they can also give you some tips and recommendations. UCCI SUSHI Dubai is a perfect place to have your first sushi experience.

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